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  • Commercial Projects

    Commercial Projects

    Bono Consulting helps developers be more profitable. We always meet with the municipal engineers before we start on the designs to understand what their particular requirements are for the site, so that the first submittal is close to approval. This compresses the schedule. We perform an internal Quality Control review on every revision, to make sure we are addressing each point of the Municipality Review, so that we can reduce the number of submittals required to get the final approval.

  • Residential Projects

    Residential Projects

    We have three objectives when we take on a residential project:
    1. Make sure the building does not flood.
    2. Minimize the construction costs to achieve the first objective and to meet the municipality requirements.
    3. Get the client their permits as quickly as we can.

  • Construction Services

    Construction Services

    Bono Consulting makes sure it gets built right. We perform construction oversight throughout the construction process. We observe that the specified materials are installed and that the appropriate construction methods are observed. If an unknown utility conflict arises, we then make the necessary changes in the field, so there is minimum schedule delay.

  • Municipal

    Municipal Projects

    Bono Consulting provides municipal design services including Roadway Widening, Alley Improvements, Water and Sewer Mains, and Site Improvement Plans for Municipal properties.

  • Floodplain


    Bono Consulting knows the floodplain regulations and knows how to get your project approved. This includes permitting new buildings, compensatory storage, design, LOMAs and elevation certificates.

  • Yard & Basement Flooding

    Yard & Basement Flooding

    Bono Consulting provides unbiased engineering assessments to help property owners find the root cause of their flooding problems. We provide a suggested course of action to reduce future flooding. We are not affiliated with any contractor or technology, so our assessments are not trying to sell you anything.