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3401 Adams, Oak Brook, DuPage County

New single-family house on the steeply graded, heavily wooded multi-acre parcel, with wetlands and floodplain issues.

Bono Consulting was retained by Rugo-Raff Architects to provide the engineering designs for this challenging site.  The site had over twenty feet of fall from the rear to the front, so there were multiple levels of foundations and walk out basements to be coordinated. There was a pond with floodplain/wetland concerns in the east corner of the site, so the site designs needed to comply with wetland buffering. The property also required a sanitary lift station and a force main. 

The stormwater system was designed in accordance with the DuPage County Countywide Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinance.  The DuPage County ordinance requires Post Construction BMPs, which on this site was a large underground stone chamber to store and pretreat the stormwater runoff and sump discharge. 

Project Status: Project completed November 2016