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Canon Building Parking Lot Expansion, Itasca, DuPage County

Two new Parking Lots and Storm Water Control

Canon was consolidating two of their facilities into one building, so they need to expand the parking area on the site. Bono Consulting was retained to provide assistance through the variance hearing.  After the variance was approved, we provided detailed engineering drawings for the new parking lots. 

The stormwater system was designed in accordance with the DuPage County Countywide Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinance.  The DuPage County ordinance requires Post Construction BMPs. These are features or infrastructure permanently installed onsite to treat stormwater runoff for pollutants of concern and to reduce runoff volume, following construction, for the life of the development. The Canon site was designed with open bottom StormTrap on a stone base. 

Bono Consulting also assisted the client with Bid Assistance and Construction Observation during the installation of the stormwater system and parking lot construction.

Project Status: Project completed May 2014