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Carpenter School , CCSD 64, Park Ridge, IL

Site Drainage Improvements, New Teacher Parking Lot, New Soccer Fields and new Playgrounds.

Bono Consulting was retained to assist CCSD 64 with design and construction observation for site drainage improvements and other reconstruction items at this K-5 school. The existing teacher’s parking lot was in poor condition with no storm sewers and experienced significant icing each winter. The soccer fields had poor drainage and would be unplayable for several days after a rain event.  

Park Ridge is a combined sewer area under the jurisdiction of the MWRD.  The challenge on this site was to design underdrains that would collect water from under the playgrounds and soccer fields, route it through an underground StormTrap® detention system and provide a way to outlet it a combined sewer. 

This was accomplished after significant negotiations with MWRD by pumping the detention storage to an underground infiltration system with a bubbler that allowed the overflow to run overland a connect to the combined sewer inlet.  This was one of the first StormTrap® underground detention systems approved by MWRD in the Chicago Metro area.

Project Status: Project completed April 2013