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New Single Family Home on Crawl Space with Flow Through vents

Homes can be constructed relatively easily in the floodplain if there is no basement. The area under the first floor living space must be a crawl space with flow through vents that would allow flood waters to freely flow into the crawl space, and then flow out again under their own power after the flood event subsides. The finish floor has to be at least one foot above the base flood elevation, but in some communities it has to be two feet above the base flood elevation. The advantage of this method of construction is that it is relatively easy to get the permits for it, no Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) is required from FEMA. This takes several months off of the construction schedule. There is also minimal compensatory storage required. The only compensatory storage that is required is to offset the fill for the walls, center columns and stoops. The compensatory storage is much less severe. This is for owners that do not particularly like basements. The disadvantage of this type of construction is that there is no basement. The utility room cannot be in the crawl space, it has to be in a room on the first floor, so you lose that space on the first floor.