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Site Re-grading and Storm Water Detention at Roemer Park, Wilmette

Bono Consulting Civil Engineers was retained by Roberts Architecture and the Wilmette Baseball Association provided drainage studies and detailed engineering design for this renovation to an existing park. The existing field was often unusable because poor site drainage was flooding the fields. Water was also flowing though the park and into the rear yards of some adjacent properties. A drainage study was performed and it was determined that runoff from Old Glenview road was coming into the site from the south driveway. The proposed site regrading included modifying the curb and driveway drainage on Old Glenview Road and providing new public storm sewers there to intercept the gutter flow. On the site, the parking area past right field was lowered to also serve as a detention basin. A soil berm was constructed along the north end of the site to direct the overflow from the detention area, safely to the street.

Project status: Project was completed and opened for the 2011 baseball season.

This was entirely sponsored by private donations. The Roemer Park restoration and improvement project was awarded the 2011 Restoration Award by the Wilmette Preservation Commission.