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Inspection and Layout for Synthetic Turf Sport Field at Notre Dame High School, Niles.

Bono Consulting Civil Engineers provided construction assistance throughout construction including survey layout of concrete curbing, storm structures, and grades for sub-base and top of the stone. Our inspectors observed the excavation of unsatisfactory sub-base; installation of storm sewers, geotextile separation fabric and underdrains; placement, compaction, and proof rolling of CA-7 and Vulcan 210 stone; inspection of concrete formwork and concrete placement; asphalt placement and compaction, turf installation and goal post installation. Final grading inspection and MWRD inspections. Prepared final as-built survey. Attended weekly team progress meetings with the school board, GC, and subcontractors throughout the project to assist with keeping the project on schedule.

Project status: Construction of Athletic field was completed in September 2009.